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At the Sadhna Center, we not only want you to feel good, we want you to look good as well.

At the Sadhna Center, we apply Dr. Varma’s years of knowledge and research into anti-aging to services focused on optimizing.

Our state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatment helps you have full control over unwanted hair anywhere they are on the body.

Recover and Refresh is a IV drip therapy based on vitamin and mineral deficiency that helps you feel better and fully recover from your day-to-day tiresome routine in no time.

Over time, hormonal changes may disrupt your sexual wellness. Doctors at Sadhna can help get your hormone levels back to normal.

Eliminate excess fat and hanging skin after a significant weight loss through a few 25-minute sessions of SculpSure FDA approved treatment.


With its focus on breath control, meditation, and body movements, yoga is an important practice for health, relaxation, and well-being.

Anti-Aging Medical Spa Services in Jericho, NY

Medical spas in Jericho, New York are popular mainly because of the various services they offer. Sadhna Wellness Center, however, not only provides one type of service. We are a spa, fitness studio, and medical center rolled into one – making us the first of our kind! We are your one-stop shop for anti-aging spa treatments in The Big Apple. We approach your treatment from different angles. Our team makes sure that you leave our center feeling better, lighter, more energized, and younger.

Taking a holistic approach to health, we treat the whole person rather than the symptoms, offering a unique alternative to drugs and hospital stays. When you’re looking for a better way to feel happy and healthy, we have the perfect solution.


Extensive Treatment Opportunities

When you are looking for an opportunity to explore a combination of clinical and holistic healthcare options, choose Sadhna Art of Wellness. Combining cutting-edge technology with traditional practices popularized over hundreds of years, we are able to offer what no one else can.

If you are seeking a harmonious path to enriched physical and mental health, Sadhna Art of Wellness is your first and last destination for progress and growth. We focus on your body and mind alike, targeting treatments to your conditions and providing lasting care for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Through our different medical spa services, we make sure that you become the best version of yourself. We offer a range of effective treatments for a variety of conditions – from neurological disorders and sexual dysfunction, to muscle pain and weight loss. Our methods include yoga and meditation, which are customized to fit your needs. We also offer massage therapy, done by Larice Zuber, L.M.T., to bring balance to your mental and physical wellness.


About Sadhna

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Are You Ready to Feel Your Best?

A medical spa is not just for individuals who are dealing with skin problems and health issues that come with aging, but is also for those dealing with the adverse effects of stress.
At Sadhna Wellness Center, we will help you regain a sense of inner well-being, as you release the vestiges of stress.Sadhna translates to “a means to accomplish,” and that’s our guiding mission. We want to help you accomplish what it takes to redefine your life, assisting you in taking the necessary strides to diagnose your concerns and customize treatment.
If you are feeling the effects of age or want to improve strength and flexibility, our one of a kind approach can hone in on your symptoms, target your trouble areas, and provide a unique course of treatment intended to help you attain that physical and mental harmony you have been seeking. Sadhna Art of Wellness will be by your side, every step of the way, guiding you to accomplish your goals.

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