Recover & Refresh
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Recover & Refresh


B12 shot

Vitamin B12 is best known as “the energy vitamin” and is an essential nutrient for overall health, wellness, and balance. It’s very difficult for the body to absorb B12 orally, thus it has become a highly common deficiency.

Some of the signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency can include fatigue and lack of energy, muscle weakness, mood swings, mental fog, poor memory, and sleep problems.

This energizing vitamin is important for so many functions in the body such as proper digestion and metabolism, circulation, healthy immune system function, a strong memory, mental clarity and concentration.

In this effortless treatment you’ll receive a healthy dose of Vitamin B12 to help boost energy, improve both your mental and physical energy, support weight loss, and your body will benefit overall from the 100% absorption.

Energy IV drip

Boost of energy. B12, B5 and B6 to get you through the week. Feel better doing your daily activities without that wired feeling from adrenal fatigue.

Immunity IV Drip

Arm yourself with high doses of Vitamin C, Lysine and Zinc. This will have you feeling better in no time. It will prevent you from getting the flu and build protective layer viruses and bacteria.

Hang-Over IV Drip

Just Because you overindulged doesn’t mean you have to spend the next day recovering from it. The right combination of vitamins & fluids will get you back on track.

Hair Loss IV Drip

Stop counting the hairs you just pulled out with your brush. This ultimate composition of Vitamins and minerals including Biotin will help your hair growth and achieve shine, thickness, fullness of your hair.

Are You Ready to Feel Your Best?

A medical spa is not just for individuals who are dealing with skin problems and health issues that come with aging, but is also for those dealing with the adverse effects of stress.
At Sadhna Wellness Center, we will help you regain a sense of inner well-being, as you release the vestiges of stress.Sadhna translates to “a means to accomplish,” and that’s our guiding mission. We want to help you accomplish what it takes to redefine your life, assisting you in taking the necessary strides to diagnose your concerns and customize treatment.
If you are feeling the effects of age or want to improve strength and flexibility, our one of a kind approach can hone in on your symptoms, target your trouble areas, and provide a unique course of treatment intended to help you attain that physical and mental harmony you have been seeking. Sadhna Art of Wellness will be by your side, every step of the way, guiding you to accomplish your goals.

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