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At the Sadhna Center, we apply Dr. Varma’s years of knowledge and research into anti-aging to services focused on optimizing the aging process. We help individuals live life to the fullest, regardless of their chronological age. Some of our treatments include hormonal replacements, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, and stem cell treatments




Aging is a problem everyone has to face, whether it comes on slowly over time or strikes seemingly overnight. When you look into the mirror and don’t recognize what you see anymore, it’s time to reclaim your skin and take back the face of your youth.


When you’re searching for the best possible ways to look and feel young again, Sadhna Art of Wellness offers lifestyle solutions that are a perfect fit. If your goals are to look better with smoother skin and a blemish-free complexion, no one can help you like our dedicated team and exclusive treatment opportunities.


If you are living in New York and want access to affordable anti-aging medicine, anti-aging treatment, then the experts at the Sadhna Wellness Center are a smart choice.

Anti Aging Sadhna Wellness

Age more gracefully than ever before

Aging may not be completely reversible or avoidable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back. Instead of living with skin that looks and feels its age, Dr. Varma’s unique therapies can help you find the perfect way to refresh your face and redefine how the world sees you.


True anti-aging goes far beyond night creams; cutting-edge medical treatments can help you regain the appearance of your youth once again, no matter what may come on your next birthday. With options like hormone replacement therapies, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cell treatments, we can help you explore the perfect anti-aging treatment for you.

Hormone replacement therapies

As you age, the hormones released by your body develop and change. Instead of maintaining your youth, your hormones start to work against you as the years pass. But luckily, we offer viable solutions.


Hormone replacement therapy can help you reclaim your younger skin, working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while increasing collagen production. Through injections of growth hormones, you can see the effects of hormones your body no longer produces naturally, giving you gorgeous, glowing skin once more.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

As the years pass, there’s no way to keep your body looking and feeling like it used to when you were young. With so many therapies full of chemicals, many patients are seeking natural ways to see the benefits of anti-aging treatments.


A popular injectable for celebrities, platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, can be used to reduce dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, age marks, scarring, and sun damage. Using blood from each patient enriched with platelets, PRP is all natural, chemical free, and highly effective.

Stem cell treatments

Stem cells are extremely effective for many purposes in medicine, including medical research, disease treatment, and disease prevention. Scientists have recently discovered another valuable purpose for stem cell research, however: anti-aging therapies.


With clinical use to repair cells and organs, stem cells are highly effective at renewing and revitalizing skin cells, leading to new growth and replenishment over time. Increasing feelings of well-being and regenerating new, youthful skin cells, stem cell treatments can make a huge difference in helping you look and feel your very best.