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Laser hair removal will improve your skin


Back hair is not only aesthetically unappealing, it is also the most common area for folliculitis to develop. This is an inflammation and infection of the hair follicles, which causes itchy and painful lesions or ingrown hairs. Back hair can also cause skin blemishes and irritation when sweat becomes trapped in hair follicles during exercise. We offers permanent relief from back hair with laser hair removal that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Back Laser hair removal for women


It’s embarrassing but more common than you might think. Women often suffer from dark hair on their lower back and are likely to try many hair removal options that require a fixed mirror or a friend’s help. Unfortunately, the sharp stubble that develops after shaving or waxing can be more embarrassing than the hair itself. Laser hair removal is the only solution that is both permanent and guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Back laser hair removal for men


Men who suffer from excess and coarse back hair often experience irritation, blemishes, and excessive sweating as well. With laser hair removal from Body Details, men can eliminate these problems and permanently get rid of unwanted back hair. Back laser hair removal allows men to have the hair on the shoulders, lats, or full back removed completely or thinned out. Both will make the body feel lighter and reduce sweat production and irritation.

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