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Body Contouring



SculpSure – 25 Minute FDA Approved Treatment


Weight loss and food-restriction programs generally have an undesirable impact on the human body. Loose or hanging skin after weight loss may leave your body out of shape. Especially, the areas such as upper arms, the stomach, chest, buttocks and the upper thighs are easily noticeable and suffer the most. People undergoing this condition typically complain about difficulties putting hands into the sleeves, or the excess fat on the abdomen becoming an obstruction on wearing clothes. Also, the hanging sheets of skin rubbing against each other may leave you irritated, and you can’t even do you regular workout if you want to.


Body contouring is the process of eliminating excess fat and skin accumulated after a significant weight loss. Different parts of the body including the torso, chest, upper arms, and the thighs are targeted to get your body back to its normal shape.


A few 25-minute sessions of SculpSure FDA approved treatment can help you improve the quality of life by eliminating excess fat on your body parts. The treatment is done on different parts of the body, such as the abdomen, flanks, inner thigh, outer thigh, and the arms.


No wonder you try hard to get rid of the gathered fat around your midsection area but are left with a little to no results. Try dieting, do crunches, or do whatever else you feel like, the outcomes will remain stagnant – the fat doesn’t go away. Many people would recommend you a surgery but it isn’t that easy to get into the hassle of a surgical procedure. What now?


With SculpSure treatment, you can finally say goodbye to that annoying abdominal fat and get back to your normal health without having to get a surgery done.


What is SculpSure and how does it work?


SculpSure is a non-invasive body contouring process specifically designed to overcome the accumulated fat around your body parts after a significant weight loss. SculpSure can help you get a body that you have always wished for eliminating the redundant fat that has been creating all the mess. You will be able to wear all clothes that didn’t fit well back again.


The idea is to use a laser light with a particular wavelength and target your fat cells, which doesn’t impact the skin surface in any way. The heat of the laser penetrates deep into the areas it is applied on, resulting in the breaking of fat cells in those regions. Over a certain period, the body flushes away the broken cells via the lymphatic system and you get a healthier body as a result.


Abdomen excess fat SculpSure treatment is the process of removing the excess skin hanging down the pubic region. Since abdomen fat is hardest to remove, a treatment is often required to get rid of it. The physician uses SculpSure machine on the stomach and the associated areas while also targeting the extra skin on the patient’s back and sides.


Next to abdomen, the flank, between the ribs and the hip area, are the second most difficult part to get rid of excess fat. Especially after a child’s birth, the mother usually undergoes this stage. Doing exercise at this stage can help with weight loss, but it simply can’t cut down the hanging skin on both the sides. At the same time, if you do not have enough time for workout, or you are lazy to do so, you might just be calling some more fat to accumulate in that region. Many women have seen positive results after a few 25-minute SculpSure sessions and if you are also looking to reduce excess fat on flanks, do call us for help.

Inner Thigh

Inner thigh is the 3rd hardest part to remove fat cells especially among women. While dieting and exercise can help with weight loss, it just doesn’t help with the excess fat accumulated later on. SculpSure treatment is a safe and ideal way to remove fat on the inner thigh. A few 25-minute sessions can work wonders to help you get back in shape.

Outer Thigh

Especially in the late forties, the excess fat on the outer thigh is a common problem faced by many men and women. It is yet another area difficult to get rid of excess fat. SculpSure treatment helps you to get rid of excess fat on the outer thigh permanently. The end result will be attractive outer thighs and the buttocks.


Arm excess fat SculpSure treatment is done to eliminate the extra skin hanging on the underside of the arms. The treatment aims to tighten and tone the upper arms. Among the many areas of your body, the accumulated fat on arms is difficult to get rid of. Through SculpSure, patients having excess fat on their arms may get a complete satisfaction and relief with a few sessions of the SculpSure treatment.

This is a completely safe non-surgical technique, and most patients experience a better quality life, enhanced mood, and stable lifestyle after the treatment. Patients undergoing this procedure get back to their normal routines within a week or two.