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Many think just men deal with impotence, low hormones and other sexual issues, but the reality is women deal with it just as much. Here at Sadhna we can help with hormone replace therapy with shots or creams depending on the levels we find. We take a panel to find out the deficiencies and work slowly toward what the levels should be at your age.


As women get older, they start experiencing the decay of body’s natural ability to produce hormones. Particularly after the age of 35, the decline of natural hormones production is quite common among most women. Symptoms include – anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, fatigue, vaginal dryness, night sweats, yeast infections, acne, hair loss, acne, memory problems, memory loss, decreased interest in sex, etc.


For a long time, estrogen and progesterone have been prescribed to women undergoing low hormone levels. However, a study done by Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in 2002, has been widely misconceived by most women leaving them uncertain about taking the treatment. Note that the study by WHI strongly focused the synthetic (non-biologically identical hormones), which have been proven to be unsafe for the women time and again.


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a completely natural phenomenon and is free of any potential side-effects. In fact, it is relatively more effective since the hormones are biologically identical (with similar molecular structure and characteristics) to those found in your body.


Physicians at AAAAM (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) are specifically trained to provide a personalized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy vital to your health. In bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRI), we use the hormones that are identical on a molecular level with the endogenous hormones to get your hormone levels back to normal.