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Massage Therapy by Larice Zuber

Larice Zuber, L.M.T (Licensed Massage Therapist) is a graduate of New York College of Health Professions. She Brings Nine years of experience into her practice. Her approach offers unique individualized treatments that offers a balance of pain release, quieting the mind, and guided body awareness.


Larice has advanced skills and the ability to customize each modality to suite your needs in Swedish, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, and Prenatal Massage, and Raindrop therapy.


While on a quest to learn new modalities in 2014 Larice discovered a modality that combines massage, energy work, and stretches.


She became certified in Thai massage. This modality can be incorporated into her massage treatments.


Larice believes that a good massage therapist has a combination of passion, knowledge, and intuition. She has a high degree of sensitivity towards others and continuously works to expand her knowledge , to provide her clients with the greatest level of care possible

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Sadhna Wellness Center NYC offers swedish massage therapy nyc, deep tissue massage therapy, massage discounts and massage reflexology. Massage Therapy reduces stress and stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities, increasing circulation and blood flow, relieving pain.

Body Massage
Body Massage

Swedish massage

Relax the entire body. This is accomplished with long sliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood by increasing circulation, flushing out muscle toxins, and giving you an all over feeling of deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue massage

A therapeutic massage designed to address chronic muscle tention, relieve painful sore and tight muscles. Improves joint mobility, Includes gentle stretching and myofascia  trigger point therapy.

Pre-Natal (Pregnancy) massage

An enjoyable massage that specifically targets areas of discomfort to provide relief to the neck, lower back, and hips, as well as as alleviate swollen ankles and tired legs in a supported and comfortable side-laying position.

Hot Stone massage

Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that follows the same principles of swedish massage with the addition of the heated stones, which help lead to deep relaxation and peace. The penetrating effects of the heated stones allows the deep tissue effect without excessive pressure. Good to targeted areas and all over relaxation as well.

Reflexology ( Foot Massage )

Reflexology massage can be deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Reflexology has been know to improve as a whole body experience. Foot massage is relaxing and de-stressing.

Raindrop Therapy

With Native American wellness traditions raindrop provides a revolutionary means of aligning the body and mind. Combining the science of Vita Flex, Reflexology massage, in the application of essential oils, applied on the spine of the feet and the spine of your back. The essential oils ward off viruses, supports the immune system. Relaxes the body into a healthier feeling of well being.

Mini massage: ( head, neck, shoulder)

A 30 minute massage with focus on tension,aches, and pains Relax and release your stress while we focus one area of your choice.

Signature massage

Signature massage is a combination of all the treatments rolled into one. Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, and hot stone…No more having to choose when you have them all.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Having anxiety problems? Experiencing constant headaches due to stress? Massage therapies in Jericho, New York help alleviate these problems, as well as soothe tense muscles, ease digestive problems, and address insomnia.


Sadhna Wellness Center detects, prevents, and treats health issues that come with age or stress. We are the first facility of its kind, and we seamlessly combine clinical and holistic methods to deal with an array of stress and aging-related problems. Consider us your one-stop shop of treatments for your mind and body’s total well-being. Allow the combination of modern medicine and the ancient philosophy of Sadhna in our various massage treatments to help you achieve optimal wellness. Experience a healthier mind and body with us. Call us at 516-544-8899 now or book an appointment online!